Meeting Minutes > October 12, 2022

October Meeting

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

6:53 PM

John Binder John Albers Ellen Kapitan Paul Parsons Kristin Lewis Jim Harper Gary Hicks Michael Pancini Walt Breitinger

Order of Business:

September Minutes: last time we spoke about keeping the foundation info on meeting to keep updates to the benefit of neighbors. 501C4 (mutual benefit, for the benefit for members, 501C3 benefit is for the neighborhood and surrounding area beyond area, once it raises money this will help, the CNF was Valparaiso Reclamation Foundation, bought houses, renovated, then sold back to families as single-family homes, creating a new foundation was easier than bringing the old foundation back). CNF meets once a year, bylaws require an annual meeting. Meetings can be called when needed. John Albers – President –

There will be a form created for C-N-A to submit when created. $241.00 extra money left over. The Block party was very successful. Great turnout, it was very smooth and well organized.

Shout out to Country Market for donating all of the Fried Chicken! Board will send a Thank You Letter.


Submit Picture by October 24th for the best decorated house. Winner gets gift card for pizza.

Historic Walk – on October 23rd, 2022, register, great way to meet your neighbors and learn more

Upcoming Events: Holiday Hop, Donation Drive, pay tickets to attend, money goes towards a charity. Finding a hosts, need three or four. Ideas for hosting, any volunteers…

Dates for 2023:

Yard Sale – June 10th, newspaper Ad Block Party – weekend after school starts Easter Egg Hunt – April 8th

Open Discussion:

Lot of talk about keeping the Historic look and feel to the CNA.

Historic District – option, way to stop tearing down old houses, heavy lift. City council has to approve a district to be historic. City would have to authorize it. The idea about Parking Lot Tour, Proclamation.

End of Year Newsletter for end of year, great place to promote our ideas.

Need more people to attend City Meetings (should we start a sign up sheet, sign up to go with a CNA board member)

City Grant – can ask up to $15,000 Grant, has to be on city property. Ideas/feedback – by December 31, 2022. Grant is due in March.

On Chicago Street, development is putting the bump outs and also city will be replacing city pipes.

Interest from community to have caution lights/sign crosswalk on Jefferson/Washington and Washington/Chicago recommendation was to take pictures of Carmel Indiana and Naperville and send this to the city.

Concern was raised during the meeting the about sidewalk Bush/Franklin was never replaced and they are in really bad shape.