Meeting Minutes > August 10, 2022

August 10- CNA Meeting Minutes
Ellen Kapitan
Walt B.
Bill Durnell
Michael M.
Kelly M.
Steve Ingram
Heather Bricker
Jim Harper
Jessie Harper (guest)
John Binder
John P
Robert Cotton
Mike Pancini
Paul Parsons
Chloe Parsons

  1. July Meeting Minutes. Motion to approve from Steve and second from Robert. Minutes
    will be emailed and uploaded onto the CNA website (Thanks, Heather!)
  2. 2022 Election Results (Class of 2025)
    a. Steve Ingram Robert Cotton, Jim Harper
    b. Secretary – need from the Board Meeting, note taking responsibility or ability to
    call meeting of the board if President is not present
  3. CNF/CNA
    a. CNF, 501C3 to be able to accept money from other nonprofits, corporations and
    individuals, tightly affiliated, not member organization, only board of 5 people,
    Robert, Bill, Gary Hicks, Leslie, John Albers, Raising funds for Central
    Neighborhood and also other causes
    b. Two Spots are up for opening for the board position. CNA is responsible for
    appointing the CNF board members. Appoint a president for the year, will need to
    call meeting
    c. Be good to have application process or nomination to give money to a project or
    d. Receipts are made from CNF, if money goes through the foundation then, receipt
    comes through PayPal
    e. Bill will get names of positions that are up, CNA Board will meet and appoint or
    reappoint people, each organization, CNF needs to have a reorganization
  4. City Updatesa.
    October 15 – Sewing Shop demo scheduled
    b. Robert- historical aspect of CNA. Group has worked to save many buildings
    c. How does CNA want to operate for City Operations, changes?
    d. Historical Education/Awareness, Preservation Opportunities, Rally People,
    e. Is there ways to keep bringing people together, example Ellen organized two
    focus groups on Elevate Valpo
    f. Best Bets – Bill mentioned two examples of people getting organized and
    together in large numbers. Make other social media pages to spread the
    awareness and work you are putting in.
    g. Elevate Valpo
    i. high level long term invasion plan,
    ii. Elevate Valpo – Block C – Current High Density
    iii. Sewing Shop is getting converted for parking space, parking garage for
    iv. Property right issue, why do people care, if city wants this area, who will
    buy our homes, we will have to accept what the city pays.
    v. Is sewing shop a common theme to educate about what is going on how
    things are changing?
    vi. Education is key, educate the neighborhood and
  5. Build fellowship
    a. Add Facebook address, Instagram Page, Surveys to find what neighbors are
    interested in
  6. Block partya.
    Save the Date – September 24th – 4pm – Jill, Heather, Paul, Jim Harper
    volunteered to help
    b. Flyers with hanger, entertainment who is choosing the music
    c. Think ahead – working on setting a date for next year
  7. Other even/meeting ideas
    a. Bill Drinks on the Stoopb.
    Properties worth protecting
    c. Holiday Hop?
    i. Three neighbors hosting at each house
    d. Proposed Activities: Caroling in Christmas
    e. Plan out a 12 month calendar
  8. Open Discussion
    a. Ideas for grant funding
    b. Walking Tours – Kevin Pazour, historian, he has gotten architects, inside and
    outside tours allows us to have a wider audience you can also do a bike tour jeff
    Jacobs did the brochure 75 people
    c. Luminary bags on Christmas
    d. Add tulips as well as other flowers to add brightness and joy to show care.(
    although it would take a lot and they will only be an inch or two).
    e. Calendar ( time tree is an app in which multiple people can join and share and
    have access to it as well as being able to edit this information).
    f. Sports competition – neighborhoods softball teams tournament, bag tournament,
  9. Next meeting September 14 at 7pm at Trinity Lutheran, Fellowship Hall